“Blackout” is our men’s developmental B team that competes hard and has a great time doing it!

Captains 2017/18: Nick “Nicky” King & Brett Zingler

B-Team Coordinator: Evan Treacy

Find their info on the contact page. 

Coach: Greg Maddox


Black Out at High Tide 2017


BlackOut 2018 Roster

Evan Treacy
Nick deWerff
Ian Lane
Clyde Jennings
mitch chanter
Zach Anderson
Brett Zingler
Easton Dobson
Quinn Anderson
Jack Erdman
Paul Manley
Ahmed Ali
Jacob Christopherson
Nicky King
Cal Martin
Joe Arnold
Nick Janezic
Jared Bonack
Nick Kaiser
Andrew Moyer
Ford Zangl
Jack Fravel
Mark Taylor