Black Cat Women

2017/18 Captains: Hayley Smith and Rose Ricca

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Missouri Loves Company 2017

The Black Cat Women continued to improve their game in Missouri and played many new teams. The new competition challenged their zone work and required the team to work as a unit with every throw. The women are now in their indoor season perfecting their offense, lay-out ds, and full field hucks. With each early morning and late night practice, they are becoming closer to being a force to be reckoned with.


Eau Claire Chillout 2017



No Wisco 2017


No Wisco 2016


2016-17 Coaches

Heather Ahnen

Helen Koth

2017/18 Captains

Hayley Smith

Rose Ricca

2017/18  Returners

Erin “Peder” Pederson (Fall only)

Tessa “Tosa” Mallegni

Allison Hinkel

Alex LaMere

Samantha “Sam” Hodgson

Kensington “Kenzie” Naze

Peyton Miller

Fiona “Gill” McGilligan

Alysa Schulte

2017/18 Rookies:

Becca Roderick

Bridget “Bridge” Murphy

Elizabeth “Lizzy” Jacobson

Evelyn Harkness

Gabi Roth

Grace Litcher

Hailey “Leg” Craig

Kaitlin “Puff” Brunette

Lily “Frank” Livingston

Lydia Olejniczak

Taylor “T Blad” Blad

Erica Reiners

Emma Madden

Cailin Ahnen






Sectionals 2017